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For the sake of this interview

Samara Weaving’s awkward ’50 Shades of Grey’ audition

“I like that fact that Ryan Murphy calls this ‘faction,'” Weaving said of fake louis bag the show’s mix of fact and fiction. “The premise is basically about the minorities of Hollywood getting a chance to shine. I play Claire Wood and I think she’s loosely based on Veronica Lake, especially aesthetically. She is the studio head’s daughter. She is ambitious to become an actress and become famous because she wants her parents’ approval, and by being in front of them on screen perhaps she will get the love she has always wanted. Ryan described her as a spider, always Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags watching, always lurking in corners.”

Weaving’s career is gaining steam in a major way. The niece of “Matrix” actor Hugo Weaving 1:1 replica handbags , her credits include the upcoming sequel to the “Bill Ted” movies, “Bill Ted Face the Music.”

When asked about a worst moment in her career as an actor, she replied: “My life is riddled with embarrassing occasions. I’ve always been a somewhat awkward, constantly anxious individual. And in this business of make believe I find myself in all sorts of strange scenarios. For the sake of this interview, I did a personal embarrassment inventory (laughs) and two events stuck out for me.”

Samara Weaving (left) and Laura Harrier in a scene from the Netflix series “Hollywood.” (Netflix/Saeed Adyani/Netflix)

One involved her first kiss (both in real life and on screen) for an Australian TV drama called “Out of the Blue.” She was 14 and a self described “drama nerdy person” and because of her inexperience, the kiss consisted of smashing her face to his: “There was a lot of teeth, a lot of saliva, a lot of not good things.”

“This is a low point. and I had an audition for ’50 Shades of Grey’ to play Anastasia. I remember outside in the corridor there was this never ending line of nervous women. It actually flowed out into the parking lot.

“So after that, I flew back home to Australia and fake louis bag I was staying with my parents at their holiday house. For the sake of this story (it’s helpful to know the vacation town where the house is) in winter has a population of about 12. I got a call from my manager saying they would like me to self tape another audition Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags for ’50 Shades of Grey’ and of course I was delighted. I read the scene they wanted me to replica louis vuitton bags from china do and then I asked when they needed it by and they said, ‘By the end of the day tomorrow.’

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“My excitement suddenly plummeted. The scene was between Ana and a character named Kate and they are gossiping very, very earnestly about very, very sexual things. And my current situation was not ideal I had no friends within a 2 hour radius and FaceTime wasn’t a thing back then so I had two options of who my scene partner was going to be: My mother or my dad. (Laughs) So I thought mother would be less traumatizing.

“Alas, we roll the camera, and my mother starts reading her lines and she can’t help but start laughing. And I, on other hand, am not finding this funny. This was a very serious opportunity that could start my career in America! Please keep it together! I’ve gotten this callback 1:1 replica handbags , the stakes are cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk very high!

Samara Weaving in “Ready or Not” as a woman who marries into a wealthy and eccentric family and spends her wedding night being hunted by her new in laws. (Fox Searchlight)

“So we roll the camera again and this time she’s taken a way different approach. She’s studying my face like one would a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ book. She replica louis vuitton handbags keeps interrupting and please let the record show that I love my mother to bits but she keeps replica louis vuitton bags cutting me off with director notes like, ‘Why are you doing that with your eyebrows?’ Or, ‘Should you be wearing that lipstick? You’re so beautiful without makeup on.’ Just all these nagging little motherly traits. I gave up.

“So I had to go to the last person any young woman wants to replica louis vuitton pretend to talk intimately about sex with: My father. I thought he would lean right into his English awkwardness and just have his head down and I could act against that. Oh, no my dad was thrilled and he really understood the pressure I was under and thought it would be a great idea if he just want full on and got into character as a 21 year old woman.

Samara 1:1 replica handbags Weaving attends the Louis Vuitton show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2019/2020 on March 05, 2019 in Paris, France. (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty)

“So (laughs) we’re doing this scene and saying things like, ‘What was it like?’ and ‘Don’t tell me you didn’t kiss him?’ and my dad is sitting with his legs crossed, leaning in and putting on this very effeminate voice. And I just could not. I could not. And I said to him, ‘I don’t know how many years of therapy I’m going to go through to remove this traumatic experience. I’m very aware that you’re trying to be helpful but this is a side of you I don’t want to see. So please do me a favor and do not read it like that.’

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“Anyway, if fake designer bags you’ve seen the movie, you know that I’m not in it.”

“I think the tape I sent in was the one I did with Dad because we had a good laugh and he was really fully in character so I was able to pull it together and somehow manage to get my lines out, at least.

“But, I mean, kudos to my parents for trying their hardest. I don’t know how many parents would want to talk about those things with their 20 year old daughter. I don’t think my mom understood what she was reading. Whereas my dad was just having a grand old time playing naughty ladies talking about naughty, naughty things.”

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“(Laughs) Right, well: After that I realized that the best way to do a self tape is to just record your own voice (reading the scene partner’s lines) on some sort of recording device and just play off the device rather than your parents if you’re in a scene talking about sex.

“And I have done an audition like that. It took a long time because you have to get the timing perfect, but it can work. I was close for that one, but no, I didn’t get that part.”.


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